Types of QR codes

There are various forms of data that can be stored in QR codes. These are stored in various formats. The first format is through the use of hyperlinks. This is the most common information stored in a QR code. It can be scanned using an application in a Smartphone that will decode it. The user can then click on the hyperlink to be redirected to the relevant website.

The other form of information stored in a QR code includes contact information. This has traditionally been sent through mobile phones in the vCard format. However, not all systems used in messaging accept the format. The QR code can send name, e-mail address, phone number, URL, physical address of the relevant store or person.

Another form of data that can be stored in QR codes is calendar events. Organizations can use the barcodes to store information about various important events that will be happening at certain dates. The type of code that is used in such situations can store information on time, date, and location etc of the event.

There are certain types of QR codes that can be used to send coordinates of certain locations to people. This barcode can be opened using a Smartphone and the holder can then open it with certain geolocation applications. This code allows people to find directions without searching on the internet.