Tips on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a powerful tool in advertisement, but it can also be a nuisance to recipients when messages are unsolicited for. Outlined below are some mobile marketing tips to ensure a mobile advertiser gets it right.

• An advertiser should advance incentives depending on the tastes, preferences, and mobile activities of the subscriber. If noted that a particular subscriber expresses interest in a certain offering, then the advertisements or promotions sent to that subscriber should be related to that offering.
• An advertiser should always ensure that they respect the privacy of SMS subscribers through request for permission via an opt-in procedure and the advertiser should never buy lists of mobile phone numbers.
• Marketers should avail a directory that enables mobile subscribers to send the word “HELP” to get more details, especially for complex programs.
• An advertiser should make a smart choice of a company to execute their mobile marketing.
• After participation of subscribers in a program, an advertiser should always ask them if they want to receive similar SMS messages in the future. For those who agree, an advertiser should advance incentives such as alerts or promotions to them.
• A marketer should attract potential customers through compelling and attractive language and the information provided should be relevant and useful to the recipients.
• The marketer should fit all types of messages or promotions incase of web page advertisements, in all types of mobile phone screen sizes.
• The marketer should also check to ensure that mobile barriers like spam filters and display limitations do not cause blockage of the sent content.
• In mobile internet marketing, a marketer can offer incentives to people who share their content on popular networks like Facebook or tweeter through their mobile phones. A marketer should take advantage of the fact that people have a desire to connect with each other, which is a tool that the marketers can exploit to spread their message.
• A marketer should also make their subscribers feel special and appreciated. They can achieve this by creating a reward program that will keep subscribers hooked to them.
• The SMS texts should feel personal to the subscribers through ways like personal greetings or even reference to subscribers by their names on the messages sent to them.
• Email campaigns carried out by marketers should be interactive to allow subscribers to provide their feedback as well as express their interests.
• Marketers should design content to fit with different devices. For example, mobile phone users prefer short messages but subscribers using touch pads might be more open to more extensive messages.

The tips above are not exhaustive. There are many useful ideas that marketers can apply to win and maintain subscribers. The ideas might vary depending on the form of mobile phone marketing, whether it is SMS or MMS promotion or mobile internet marketing through web pages or emails. It is also possible to carry out mobile marketing through Bluetooth or infrared and all these forms have different ways in which their impact can be made more effective.