SMS Marketing Service

The sms marketing service is gaining wide acceptance as a viable marketing strategy. This is on account of the increasing number of users who use short message service. There are more than four billion active users of the service. This makes it the most used data application in the world. The reason for the popularity of the uses of SMS as a marketing strategy is because it is much cheaper per individual that has been marketed. It also has certain other advantages such as being spam fee, instantaneous, discrete and specific to time and location.

The history of the sms marketing strategy dates back many years back in 1995 when it was launched for commercial use in the UK. However, the service didn’t become prominent until in the late nineties. Over the years billions of messages have been sent to people in form of marketing messages.

The exponential growth of the use of SMS as a marketing strategy has grown exponentially on account of many factors. However the most popular points include the fact that the service is convenient and easy to use. The growth of the sms marketing service has been quite impressive. The technique creates an instantaneous two way link between the business and its consumers. The number of companies using the strategy is set to rise significantly because people have realized the inherent ability of SMS service to relay information instantly.

A technique that is mostly used in sms marketing service is called opting-in. the model involved with the mobile platform is one that involves pulling in consumers into the circle. This is unlike other media that have a “push” model. The pull model means that consumers have to sign up for the service. The push model on the other hand does not give any choice to the customer; they can’t choose whether they are to be advertised to or not. Those who engage in mobile marketing use their resources to advertise various services and products that are offered. This is done to get consumers to sign up for the service. The risk can be great but the rewards can be huge if successful.

There are several advantages that are associated with sms marketing service. The factor that consumers have to pt-in means that it’s an offence to send text messages to people who haven’t opted-in on the service. This creates a spam free environment. The most notable advantage of the service is that it has the ability to target messages to the most relevant audience. It has the ability to do one-on-one advertising to anyone on any location who has a mobile phone. This is a point that is currently absent in any other communication channel.

The most important achievement of an sms marketing service is to create a relationship between a business and its consumers.

The service creates messages that are meant market certain products and services. To make this most effective, the messages should be tailored in such a way that the consumer does not have to put so much thought into what the message is trying to portray. This is because a sms marketing service provides messages that should be read and respionded to immediately, this won’t be possible in case of misunderstanding.