Why Mobile Marketing Services

Mobile marketing services offers real value as a communication tool because of their immediacy and penetration level within the target population. Highly targeted and effective mobile phone marketing through short message service (SMS)and multi media messaging service (MMS) offer good response rates.

Popularity of mobile marketing has led to an influx of companies that offer mobile marketing services. Most of these companies have numerous mobile SMS numbers that they avail to interested marketers. The companies utilize databases, specific targeting and Short Message Service data. Marketers get the chance to create timely messages and deliver relevant messages to the target population.

The mobile marketing services providers also provide MultiMedia Service mobile marketing tools in addition to the SMS tools. The MMS tools allow marketers to create more attractive messages for their customers. MMS mobile marketing has several advantages over SMS, these include:

  • A higher limit of text characters of 1000 characters, rather than the SMS limit of 160 characters.
  • Images as well as audio attachments can be included in MMS
  • The MMS tool also allows slideshows similar to PowerPoint presentations.

The MMS are, however, more expensive, slower and compatible on fewer phones than the SMS. In addition to the mentioned services, most mobile marketing services providers offer additional services like:

  • Access to a huge database of mobile numbers.
  • Automated validation of addresses
  • Text console
  • MS composer
  • Text Mail
  • Reverse Auctions
  • Gateway for Messaging
  • Text response services which include;
  • Nearest outlet such as shops or supermarkets
  • Brochure requests
  • Call back request services

Mobile marketing services providers also regulate the messaging and can allow the marketer to brand their messages. Branded messages reach customers with clear indication that they are from one’s firm because they display the firm’s name in place of the phone number.

These mobile services companies can also assist marketers to track fraudsters taking advantage of company promotions and ensure security of the messages. The messages provided by the mobile service companies to marketers are provided as packages. This means that the messages are sold in bulk and as a result a marketer should always ensure they test them before purchase.
The database belonging to the marketer is linked to the platform of SMS text messaging belonging to the mobile marketing services providers. The providers can also program and integrate ones internet feedback forms or emails with the short message service so that customers can get automatic response to queries posed in such websites.

In recognition of the opportunities in mobile marketing, many marketers have developed websites that are optimized to mobile phone use. They have then developed interactive sections on these websites where customers can ask questions or engage other like minded customers in discussions. These kinds of question and answer forums between customers and marketers provide a marketing opportunity where most marketers use the integrated SMS to automatically engage the customers on frequently asked questions (FAQS), even when no customer service agent is present.