Simple Facts on Mobile Phone Marketing

The current generation can be referred to as a mobile phone generation. Almost every teenager in the developed and developing countries has a mobile phone. The increase in use of mobile phones has consequently led to a decrease in the charges on phone calls but more so the cost of a phone message has reduced to affordable levels for anyone.

As a result of the increased mobile phone popularity, mobile phone marketing is drastically becoming a means of advertising. Many companies are turning to mobile phones to reach their customers by sending them text messages. The use of mobile marketing through text messages is direct, personal, interactive, cheap and responsive. Advertising through mobile phones ensures that the message reaches its intended target as mobile phones are always on people who almost always read any incoming message.

Mobile phone advertising through text messages is, especially, useful to small businesses as they can improve customer service and can lead to a better personal service. The businesses can use text messages to send promotional details and boost the business. Furthermore, in small businesses, the firm usually has a personal relationship with customers which ensure that contact through the phone cannot be considered as intrusive.

Appointment oriented businesses such as salons, or medical centers are positively poised for mobile phone advertising as they can use text messages to remind their customers about their appointments. They can also inform those customers about available offers or when a last availability arises. Delivery service businesses can also benefit from mobile phone marketing as they can communicate on how far they are from completing a delivery.

Apart from the regular, short messaging service (sms) texts mobile phone advertising can also be through multi media messaging or MMS. MMS involves sending of advertisements in the form of pictures, slideshows, and audio or video files. Furthermore, mobile phone advertising can go beyond the SMS and MMS to mobile web marketing.

In mobile web marketing, business people place advertisements in web pages meant for access by mobile phones. These web pages can also be integrated with mobile texting to execute automatic reminders of appointments or offers.

Mobile phone advertising can also be carried out through Bluetooth. In this form of mobile phone advertising, businesses provide hotspots systems where information can be distributed via Bluetooth. This method is has the advantage that a person can deny access to the data being sent unlike in short messaging where distribution can only be restricted by the mobile phone service operator. Bluetooth advertising is also free of charge.

Strategy is required on how to apply mobile phone advertising as sending regular messages might cause irritability to some people. It is therefore, important to target the one’s message appropriately. Correct targeting leads to increased responses and minimizes chances of irritating recipients who might not be interested in receiving the messages. This is important because some advertising messages sent regularly by a business can be considered as spam or unwanted messages by recipients who would be within law to sue the senders.