The Best Approach to SMS Marketing

Short messaging service (SMS) or text messages are short messages sent from a mobile phone. Their popularity is growing at an alarming rate due to their affordability and ease of execution. This popularity has led to their use as a business tool. Phone messages allow information to be sent to multi recipients at a very short time. They can be used in a similar manner to emails where several users can be selected and a single message sent to them all at a click of a button once.

Use of text messages in marketing has its advantages which include;
• A personal nature of communication and interaction which makes SMS marketing a very powerful tool.
• Mobile phones are a mode of communication that most people ensure is available top them all day and night. This means that information sent over the phone is almost completely guaranteed to reach its destination, making SMS marketing an effective method.
• Text messages over the phone are hardly ever ignored, which means that unlike junk mail, or spam messages over the email, text messages are bound to reach their target.
However, SMS marketing is not without its negatives. The major negative issue to do with text marketing is that unsolicited messages can cause the recipient to become irritated which is unlikely to do a lot of good to whatever a marketer was promoting. Other disadvantages include;
• Text messages are usually and need to be short. This means that a marketer does not have enough space to get their intended message across in a way they would wish to.
• Sending of messages that do not comply with the privacy and data protection rules can land a marketer in a lot of trouble with authorities. As a result one should always ensure that they comply with the rules and ask for the permission of people before sending them promotional messages.
• A marketer should not forget or ignore to indicate from whom a message is sent from. This is because many people are cautious over responding to anonymous messages due to increased cases of fraud. It is a requirement under E-commerce regulations for a marketer to clearly indicate who the message is from, and communications of a commercial nature should be clearly recognizable as such.

Text marketing has added expenses in that a marketer needs to employ a mobile phone agency to send out texts on their behalf. Most of these agencies charge their services by packages. One should test those packages before buying them. Advances in technology means a willing marketer can brand their messages so that they can indicate as sent from their company name instead of showing a phone number. Marketers can also use multi media messages (MMS) to send images, or audio files to subscribers.

SMS marketing adds a personal touch to advertisement through personified messages. The messages are quick to compile and even quicker to send. Furthermore, the messages are usually short which means that they cannot be ignored like lengthy bill boards or pamphlets are ignored.